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My so-called ex-pat life has been filled with nostalgia recently.  I was wondering where all these memories were flooding from and then realised it was because of the weather.  Two years ago my family was experiencing our first autumn in England.  Autumn has not usually been my favourite time of the year.  Some how there are all these things I am experiencing again make me feel comforted in memories.  The colder weather that requires coats, hats, and scarves.  Finding interesting leaves, conkers, and colourful ivy covered walls.  The rainy days in England where umbrellas pop up all over town. Rushing inside to warm ourselves up with a cup of tea.  There are all these elements of autumn which bring back cherished memories.  It has made me look back at old photographs from 2011 and I found this series I took of my family in London.  On our way to our intended destination we found a huge amount of fallen leaves which resulted in a spontaneous play session.  We had so much fun playing in the leaves and I really enjoy the photos we captured of the event.  It has made me realise when thinking of travel and seasons that I really do love London in the Autumn and Winter time.  Here are some of my favourites from that cold but memorable day:

"What season is your favourite to travel in and where would you go based on your answer?"

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Q: "What season is your favourite to travel in and where would you go based on your answer?"

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  1. Oh my god Bonnie, those pictures are GORGEOUS!! i love the ones of you and the boys lying on the leaves! That picture needs to be framed and hanged ! :)) I've never travelled during Fall but it sounds like a really magical time to travel <3

  2. Really nice pics Bonnie and I love your hair colour on that photo of you with the boys! x

  3. I love this photo session! I think it's my favourite of yours! Beautiful! x

  4. Thank you Louisa...I was really wanting to be a 'ginger' that year and had fun rocking the red.

  5. Thank you Laura! I love that shot, my husband took it for us and it became my facebook cover photo for a while. Might need to redo that shot this year in the leaves and blow it up as a canvas print like you suggested. :)

  6. Such wonderful photos. You guys look like you belong in a fall clothing magazine :) I usually love Fall in the United States, but at the moment SA is going through Spring, which is also nice.

  7. Those are such beautiful pictures. My favorite time to travel is normally's hard for me to pick though because I do love the change of seasons and seeing different places at different times of the year. I would go anywhere that I haven't been before!

  8. Thank you Jenna. Haha, I love that you are too kind. Hey enjoy the Spring while you have it! ;)

  9. I love traveling in summer...and yes, seeing a new place is just a great reason to get up and go! x

  10. Oh my gosh, those pics are great; I sooo wish I could jump in to a pile of leaves! What a great moment!

  11. Autumn is the best! Seems to have been a beautiful day, you really captured your children's excitement in your photos!


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