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The Contributors page is dedicated to the buttons and links to various blogs and websites that I have connected with in blogging.  Each button is linked back to the corresponding site. Please feel free to browse around and check out the many places online that A Compass Rose has been. 
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ExpatsBlog - Expat Interview
ExpatsBlog - 10 Things Expats Raising Kids Should Know
Expats Blog - Culture Shock in America as an American Raised Abroad
Friends of Friends Travel - 10 Steps to Keeping in Touch
British Style Bloggers - Bristol Fashion Week SS13
Lucky Magazine 
A Compass Rose focuses on the lifestyle of growing up as a Third Culture Kid
living as an Expat in England, and my family's travels around the world.  
I love writing and sharing photographs from our nomadic experiences.  
Here are a few of the places I have connected with and have 
contributed to as an Expat in love with traveling the world. 

living in EnglandBlog Expat: living abroad Expat InterviewsWorldwideCultureSwapperonAlldonemonkey - Where Expats Blog
Expat Women - Inspiring Your Success Abroad

My photography journey really started off while
I was working as a fashion photographer on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
I have photographed runway shows in Hawaii,
and at Fashion week in Tucson, AZ and Bristol, England.
I love to share my love of fashion in which ever facet on A Compass Rose.

Official Bristol Fashion Week Blogger

New blogs seem to pop up every week and I love joining blog hops
in which to find new favourites to add to my daily blog roll. 
The blog hops and awards that I have contributed to are the following: badge photo blog2_zps186f8496.png
We Took the Road Less TraveledAloha Friday Blog Hop

If you feel you have a blog group or hop that A Compass Rose should contribute to,
please get in contact: bonnie[at]bonnie-rose[dot]co[dot]uk

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