Expat & Travel Blogger Map

A Compass Rose's map of Expat and Travel bloggers.
The easiest way to see where your favourite bloggers live and find new blogs to read.
Contact today to add your blog to the map! 

Email the following information to add your pin to the map:

Blog Name:
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Link to an image: (of you or from your blog)

Email to: bonnie[at]bonnie-rose.co.uk


SaritaAgerman said...

Lovely idea! Found some wonderful blogs by using this map : )

BREI said...

So excited to check out these blogs!

Melanie Marie said...

Oh, this is SUCH a good idea!! Brilliant.

Style to Stage

Mary said...

Absolutely LOVE this!

SJ Begonja said...

What an awesome idea!

Sarah-Jane Begonja said...

YAY! Bonnie, thanks so very much for adding me :)

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