Are You a Girl Gone International?

I started this blog when I became a mum as a way to share photographs and our travels with family across the globe. I found my purpose in blogging through becoming an expat and moving abroad. Something I had not expected were all the opportunities that would come from having a blog.  One of which is being introduced to an amazing online community, Girl Gone International and becoming the Adventure & Travel editor for their online magazine. For me it was finally finding a community to where I felt I belong with like minded individuals who love being a citizen of the world.

What is Girl Gone International?
✈ Non-Profit Organisation
✈ New generation of women living abroad
✈ We represent, connect and support
✈ Over 10,000 members
✈ Fast growing, friendly global community
✈ 100s of free events all over the world
✈ Active hubs in 24 cities
✈ 20 more hubs opening in 2013
✈ Busy online communities on different platforms
✈ Funded by our magazine GirlGI
✈ Digital Lifestyle & Travel Magazine
✈ - new site coming soon!

About GGI  communities
Each city has it own Community Manager. The girls that come to our events are English speaking and internationally minded who want to meet like-minded friends, gain a foothold in their new city or build a strong network. Alternatively they have just come home from being abroad and want to keep in with an international circle. 

Girl Gone International Communities can be found in: 
Reykjavik | Edinburgh | Glasgow | London | Manchester | Amsterdam | Berlin | Hamburg | Freiburg | Dresden | Munich | Dusseldorf | Frankfurt | Vienna | Stockholm | Athens | Croatia | Rome | Paris | Madrid | Palma | Barcelona | Alicante | CapeTown | LA | New York | Ottawa | Vancouver | Brisbane | Mexico City | Panama | Rio | Seoul | Boston | Toronto

I am so happy to be able to offer you a complimentary issue of the Girl Gone International magazine! For the next several days I am holding a giveaway here at ACR.  To enter this giveaway follow GGI and I on the social media sites below and tweet about this giveaway.  You can tweet about this once a day through out the giveaway for an additional point. 

INSTAGRAM | @GirlGoneInternational #girlgi
SPOTIFY | Girl_GoneInternational

*Image belongs to Girl Gone International |


  1. So cool! Great post Bonnie and thanks for sharing. I had never heard of this before....sadly the closest to me is Frankfurt but still interesting.

  2. Definitely check out GGI through their social media sites. Its a great way to connect even if you cannot make a meet up.

  3. That's so cool that you got that gig essentially from blogging. Sounds like a dream. It's always great to get new endeavors out of blogging, I've gotten a few too here and there. If you are ever looking for writers for the mag, drop me a message, I'd love to write for this mag and I hope I win a copy so I can check it out! Congrats!


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