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Facebook Page -  842  663 followers & 824 Friends
Twitter -  928  613 followers
Instagram - 687  577 followers
BlogLovin - 745 374 followers
Page views last month - 16,543 12,529 in May
stats last calculated: 02.10.13 and previously 26.06.13 (crossed out)

WHY CHARGE?: All the money that comes into A Compass Rose goes straight out into sponsoring on other blogs for more exposure.  That means more traffic to my blog and more traffic to your blog. Since I do not blog to make money, this helps us grow our blogging network.

BECOME A SPONSOR: I now am offering exciting promotions for other bloggers on A Compass Rose.  I have been so blessed by this amazing blogging community myself.  I aim to not only increased traffic to your blog,  but by working with you to help connect and network your blog and brand with other like minded bloggers. A Compass Rose offers affordable blog promotion for you with a variety of options to network you with other bloggers.

GRAB MY BUTTON: If you want to grab my button for your blog, the buttons and code are found below.  Due to different blogs having different side bar dimensions I have taken the guess work out and made various sizes available.  However please contact me if you have any trouble.

A COMPASS ROSE - Buttons and Code
It is really easy to put my button on your blog or website. Simple select which button you want to use and copy and paste the code below the desired button.  Each one is 300px wide and can be resized to fit smaller spaces needed.  To make a 300x300px square icon fit a 120x120px space just do the following:

Find the <img src= part of the code and insert width="120" after this  .jpg"

That portion of the code then should look like the code below and will resize the 300x300 to 120x120:

thebutton.jpg" width="120"

If you need further help  or find the button is doing something wonky, do not hesitate to ask me. Coding can be tricky sometimes. I will try my best to help you out.  Here are the options for you:

300x300 Square
A Compass Rose

300x220 Rectangle
A Compass Rose

300x300 Circle
A Compass Rose

I try to do one every week and post on a Saturday. 
 If you would like to link up with me, add this button to your blog. 
I would love to see your photography!

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