Self Portrait: 'From the Wings'

Another weekend has begun and with it another Self Portrait Saturday.  For today's Self Portrait I share with you the self portrait entitled 'From the Wings'.  Often times it is easy to feel like I am waiting for something else or something new to begin.  Being a Third Culture Kid and living in a highly nomadic world, I am use to a cycle of things ending and new things constantly on the horizon. I believe as a mum too it is easy to feel a bit lost in the shadows taking care of everyone else.  It can also be a place of reflection where we seek answers from someone greater and ask for direction towards the brighter future.  I love playing with different lighting situations and took this portrait looking out the window of our front door.

Self Portrait 'From the Wings' by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 - 2013 All Rights Reserved -


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*Image original to A Compass Rose blog by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007-2013 All Rights Reserved |


  1. Beautiful portrait! I love your use of the lighting, and it ties in so well with your theme.

  2. Beautiful! I love how the lighting picks up the different colors of your eyes. And the no/minimal makeup thing is really working. You go girl. (I just read another post from someone about how they were tired of "waiting for things." In a military life, you are always waiting for things, LIFE happens while you are waiting. So I don't wait anymore, I just live.

  3. Another gorgeous photo, Bonnie xx

  4. I totally understand on the feeling of waiting, I have moved around so much in the last 5 years and know that in two another big move is coming it is hard to take the time to make the present wonderful.

  5. Oh like a weird cycle too with moving like that. You get to a new place, its new and exciting. You just about enjoy a place, and then start slowing disengaging and getting ready for the next move. This is the first time we dont have to move, and yet I'm already talking about 'dream locations' for the next place.

  6. Thank you Jade. What I love best about it is I stood by the front door for probably two minutes, got the shot I wanted and then got ready to edit it. I love when shots are able to be achieved with no mess no fuss.

  7. It is so true! That is the way of a military life and a military wife. Heck even a military child. It is something I have known too well. This weekend was my first time to audition for a place in 9 years...something I've waited to do until my kids were older and we were in one location for longer. Which inspired this shot.

  8. Thank you so much. I'm pretty obsessed with window light. Probably because we have not so great lighting in the house.

  9. I love the stories behind your photos -- in addition to just the aesthetic beauty and skill presented. I definitely understand the "always waiting" thing. For sure!

  10. Thank you...its my favourite part about self portraits...connecting it to my life so that they show the meaning they hold. x


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