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If you are new to my Best Week Ever series this is my way of looking back on each week positively. Every week should be our best week and even when times are tough find something that makes life beautiful to be living.  This week I have to say I am happy for the warm weather.  It is the first real summer that I have experienced in England.  Last year we got two weeks of great weather right at the time Ryan and I were on vacation in Italy. It has been really lovely to see the beautiful blue skies and spend so much time outdoors with my family.  This past weekend we went to a local fete and spent time walking along the canal and the parks in Bath, England.  Anytime we can be outside as a family is a great day for us.  This week has gone by so fast and I am glad to welcome this weekend and all it has to offer.  

1. Summer Fete.  I learned that it is pronounced like 'fate' in American and not pronounced like it rhymes with 'set'. Have been to three now saying it the wrong way.  Luckily I have an awesome friend who is also an American expat that was able correct this blunder this week.  
2. Wedding dvds. I have a really good friend named Sally.  She was my husband's neighbour growing up back in Illinois.  She has always been really nice since I met her and probably one of my biggest supports.  I am almost always getting online to find a sweet comment that Sally left for me on one of my photographs.  She  sent us a care package this week with a wedding dvd her husband made at our wedding in 2003 and a dvd of her daughter singing at her wedding this summer.  It was so thoughtful and I just wish Sally and Arlie could be here this summer for our vow renewal.
3. Scars. The portrait for this self portrait saturday was focused on one of the scars on my neck. It is a memento from after I was born with being a premie and surgeries for a disease.  Read more about it on Self Portrait Saturday.  Remember there will be another post tomorrow and you can link up with us! 

INSTAGRAM: Therese were a few of my favourite Instagram photos from the weekend.  We walked into town on Sunday along the canal, which is one of my favouite ways to get there.  We also got to enjoy the view from the Pulteney Bridge where we stopped for ice cream. This bridge is like the one in Florence where it has shops all the way across it. The weather is really warm hot out here and there has been lots more drinking of Pims. You can follow me on Instagram here.

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This has been my first week using the Disqus app for my comments.  You might remember I had tried using it before for a day but went back to the blogger comment format since I like being able to email back and forth with my readers.  I will say having not been able to respond with everyone do to the 'no reply blogger' issue I finally decided to give Disqus another try.  Right now I really love it.  I am still able to have a continual conversation with you as we get email notifications to reply back to each other and I have found more people are leaving comments now than with the old system.  
So I wanted to ask how do you like it? 


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Q: How has this been your Best Week Ever?

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  1. Are you liking Disqus? I'm not sure I want to go to it. I want comment leaving to be easy. I've used Disqus but have had a hard time remembering user name and blah blah blah stuff. This is a good week for us, not a best week ever. We are leaving our beloved Heidelberg and moving to Wiesbaden (military move, you know all about that girl!) but with a move comes a fresh start, a new change. Deep breath, here we go...

  2. This is AMAZING! Thank you! xx

  3. Love that you end each week on a positive note! Great way to start the weekend and also not dwell on the not-so-great stuff that live throws at you. I hadn't even noticed the new Disqus because I'm so used to seeing it on blogs, but I do like it so I can keep track of conversations on blogs. Tks again for featuring my post! You are so very organized!!!

  4. I much prefer the discus comment because, as you said, it is so nice to get an e mail to say that a reply has been left - so many times I comment on blogs and then don't necessarily double check to see if a corresponding comment has been left. It does look like you have had a great week so far! Hope you have a great weekend too xx

  5. Bonnie, i will have to agree with what Holly said, it's really nice to get an email with your answer, since i don't always go back to every blog to check if the writer said something back...
    So one vote from me for Disqus! :) Oh and thanks for mentioning my post today!

  6. I have always wondered how to say fete, for some reason in my head I always pronounced it feety which I can see now is way off but now I will know.

  7. Love the Disqus option and really, really prefer it to your old ways! Also- I have a quick question and you seem to be a pretty experienced blogger that I admire! I've been trying to do more link-ups and can't seem to get the button to format in my posts correctly. I use Wordpress and have had this problem for many different images (even my button!) when inserted into posts. The coding just comes up instead of displaying the image. Any tips or tricks??

  8. You know what? I think I am. I didnt the first time I tried it but because I was so used to being to email people back. But now I can respond to people whom I dont have email addresses for and so its made my 'community' bigger. Oh how awesome you get to move between Germany! I would love to come visit! I miss Germany. We were stationed in Stuttgart when I was in 7th and 8th grade, and I loved it.

  9. Too much negative stuff in my life in the past so I like starting and ending it on a positive note. :) It is a great way to stay organized as sometimes comments can get lost in the emails. x

  10. Thats why I didnt use Disque at first was I didnt understand that my readers would get notified, but now that i understand that and understand how awesome it is on my end, i'm in love too! x

  11. Right? My son told me today that he kept getting it corrected at school. So I asked him why he didnt bother to correct his mum. To which he said 'i dont know.' :P

  12. Hmmm. I'm not sure with out seeing it. I do use WP for my pro photography website, so i might be able to figure it out. Would you like to email me with what coding you are using so I can check it? My email option is on the column to the right near the top. x

  13. This weekend has been awesome Why cant every week just be a weekend? ;) I think the Disqus will be here to stay for sure. :)

  14. Fete rhymes with set in French so you had just been pronouncing it the French way all along and didn't know it :)

    On a completely unrelated topic... are you planning on going to any Bath Rugby matches when the season starts? You should... Gavin Henson just signed with them and he's a hottie (a bit of a troublemaker, but eye candy nonetheless)

  15. Sweet! I am glad I was pronouncing it right! I will have to mention that if someone corrects me. ;)


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