A Moment to Reflect

We leave for Wales in just nine days and things have begun to get busy around here.
I do not know if we will have wifi while we are away for our Vow Renewal.
 So I have been preparing posts and working on a surprise for my readers.
Which I will announce soon.

I love to plan to things.
I was planning my own 30th birthday party last year.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the party fell through 
and I was just happy to make it back to England in time
to blow out my candle with my husband.

As I started planning our 10th Anniversary
which quickly became a Vow Renewal celebration
I went on Pinterest to plan out in full force.
Not sure if you have noticed 
but I have twelve boards 
designated to my 'I Do Again' theme.
Even many of my pins from my 30th Birthday ideas
bled into my vision for a perfect Vow Renewal.

But now that my anniversary is just fifteen days away
I have been avoiding pinterest. 
Do not get me wrong I love that site.
But there are just all these things I would have loved to
that when all is said in done is just not practical at this time
I basically am looking around at what is in our house 
to make do with for the ceremony.

Yes I still love planning.
Yes I would still love to host amazing stylized parties.
I'm much inspired by Tori Spelling.
She influenced how I did my son's comic book party.
I would love to host a few parties a year 
for friends that love to come to dinner parties
that had all these perfect details.
And play the perfect host.

It has made me refocus.
in regards to our vow renewal.

I am happy to just have my family here.
I am under the assumption my husband's father is still coming.
But his mother has still decided to not come.
I know we cannot force her to be here.
It is still our time of celebration.
It just makes me realize how much I love my family.
And the way they love and accept Ryan unconditionally.
My mum and my sister are flying here to be with us.
My dad will be watching down from heaven.
Our friends from Uni are coming with their kids.
That is what is has become all about...the people.
The memories we will make. 
The photographs that will capture the good times.

We are pretty excited to be counting down the days.
My sons wake me up to tell me how many days
until their Nonna gets here.
They bug me to do a google hangout with her 
it seems like every other day. 

So if I seem a bit busy or slow to answer
on the social media front
it is because we are busy in preparation.
I just needed a day to reflect on everything in my head.
Thank you for listening to me today.

Stay tuned for the special surprise.



  1. i know everything will turn out perfectly for you friend! i hope everything goes smoothly and you are able to just sit back and relax as it all unfolds : )

  2. Have fun and enjoy your special day! After all the work you put into it, it is sure to be a great day. With all your friends and family with you, it can't get any better!


  3. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends, even if things like this don't turn out the way we expected them too they often turn out just the way that they should. Congrats on 10 years :)


  4. What is a google hang out? Sounds interesting! I think Pinterest can actually be evil for making you feel like you want to do more than you have time for!!

  5. :)

    Sometimes you need to unplug a little and concentrate on other matters... I'm excited about this ceremony and can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Thank you sweet Chelsea. I honestly look so forward to just being able to relax and enjoy time with my family. As an expat you know how precious those moments are too. :)

  7. Oh I will Susanne. Cannot wait..sorta wish I could just fast forward to the day. x

  8. Thank you Sarah Beth for the well wishes, I cannot wait. I'm as excited as my kids. Still hard to believe 10 years! x

  9. It is awesome! Its a great alternative to Skype. What I love about it is I can talk with more than one person for free. So its great when I want to talk with both my mum and sister since we all live in different places in the world. x

  10. Thank you and I so agree. With being pretty busy this week I've been trying to stay off my phone as much as I can. I hate to be so silent on twitter, but its been helpful to get things complete. x

  11. Haha, I can imagine! Twitter is so good at sucking people (myself included) in... and it's hard to stop!!! :) So yeah, it may be good to sort of peace out a little bit on that for the time-being. :)

  12. You nailed it, the vow renewal is all about you, Ryan, the boys and your family. The perfect pinterest decorations are a lovely touch of course, but completely unnecessary x

  13. Yes. Esp since time and moments go by so fast, I just want to enjoy it all and then have photos and film to remember it by.


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