Sick Day

My boys both stayed home sick today from school.  Maddox had been sick the day before, and so he had to stay home one more full day to make sure he was fully recovered.  Ronan unfortunately hurt his foot the day before in gymnastics at school.  It was not swollen, but he was still limping around the house this morning.  I left both boys with Ryan and went to work, wishing I could stay home and give them extra cuddles today.  It looks like they had a successful recovery day because they were both doing much better when I got home tonight.  Since I work later on Wednesdays I did not get to capture any photos of the boys today so I am uploading a few I took the other day.  We were walking home from school and I had brought my camera with me as usual.  My boys played models for me underneath the perfect overcast skies.  You have to hand it to England.  Their dreary weather makes for a great diffuser against the sun.  Here are a few of my favourite images of the boys.

Not sure if those are Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or Super hero poses. Take your pick.

Brothers and best friends. To me they are my my world.

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