Signs of Christmas

Signs of the Christmas holidays are now popping up in the store fronts of the shops on the high streets in England.  There is a cute botique of bespoke interior design pieces for the home on our walk to school.  They have recently redone their window with many Christmas elements, including two vintage wooden rocking horses that the boys like to look at when we pass by.  I cannot help but be drawn into the window myself, looking for any ideas we can use at home for our own holiday decor.  There is something about the dark overcast skies, that causes the holiday fairylights to grab you like a magnet.  Ronan was also really impressed by the Christmas tree at the grocery store with all its holiday decorations.  He has  already been bitten by the holiday bug and has started writing Christmas poetry too.  Maddox has been talking about what cookies he wants to make with Ronan.  So far Monster cookies are on our list as well as homemade marshmellows.  I will need to trade in our gingerhouse this year and teach the boys the deliciousness that is Christmas pudding.   I so look forward to celebrating our first holiday here in England.

Ronan & Maddox gazing into the shop's Christmas window display.  

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  1. Have fun with the Holidays. I will miss you guys, but I am going to DC to be with Zoe. Keep posting photos.


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