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The boys and I have really been enjoying the Autumn season here in England.  After spending three years living in Hawaii and a brief stay in the desert in Arizona, having a real Autumn is a beautiful treat.  There is nothing like the changing of the leaves to make you aware that Summer is indeed over.  We have donned our heavier coats on colder days and sometimes find the need for wellingtons when its wet and dreary outside.  I have even coloured my hair (finally a ginger!) to go with the changing colours of the leaves.  Ronan has been assigned in school a project about the different trees and their leaves.  We have been collecting different leaves when we are outside and taking them home.  Tonight Ronan glued the best ones to his papers and worked like a sleuth to figure out what tree it originated from.   He loves investigating and has a keen appreciation for art and crafts, so this was a really fun project.  I have to be honest though.  I think what Ronan and Maddox love best is simply playing in all the fallen leaves.  Throwing them up in the air so they can rain down on them causes great big smiles and laughter is soon to follow as we crunch the leaves with our feet as we walk through a dense pile on the ground.  Summer is a lovely and much awaited season, but with the arrival of Fall it does not mean an End.  It is simply a beginning to the cooler seasons and means that Winter and the Holidays are fast approaching.

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  1. What fabulous pictures! I live in the desert of Arizona, so I definitely feel you on not understand what autumn is really like.

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