Veterans Day & My Heroes

Today is Veterans Day, an official United States holiday which honors people who have served in armed service, also known as veterans. I have many veterans in my family including my husband and father who served in the USAF and my grandfather who fought in Italy and France in WWII with the US Army. While I do not live in the US and today is not a day off for my husband, I took a moment today to think about my father.  My dad was laid to rest at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs in 2008. I was able to visit his grave site a year later but I do not know when I will have that opportunity again.  For me I do not have a specific place I call home.  Memories of my dad instead tied to the many places we lived and traveled together as a military family.  It is because of him and his service that I was born in England, that I have dual nationality, and how we are now able to live our expat life abroad in Europe.  While I wish my dad was alive today to enjoy this time of my life with my sons, I know he is looking down on us from Heaven.  I love you Daddy and you are never far from our hearts. 

While today is a US holiday I still would like to
thank you to all those who serve for your country.

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  1. It is always good to remember our service men and women. I watched some highlights of the Remembance Sunday parade through London on the BBC and always follow the two minutes silence to reflect on those who served my country and those others abroad, like your father.

    Lovely post.

  2. This is a beautiful post! My brother is in the Marines and stationed in Japan and I have another brother who is joining the navy soon so I totally understand how important it is to be thankful for what these people do for you on a continual basis. Love these photos as well!

  3. Wow, very moving photographs. Do they celebrate it in the UK? I thought i heard that they did, but call it Armistice Day. But maybe it's something different there...

  4. Really moving post Bonnie. It has always interested me that they called it Veterans Day in the US but Rememberance Day here. I guess the British were lucky in that for a few short decades, war was a thing of the past.

  5. Lovely photos. We call it Remembrance Day in Australia - like most Commonwealth countries, I think, although the UK calls it Armistice Day, right? - and while it isn't a public holiday, 2 minutes of silence occur at 11am, and many services happen throughout the day. And there is always, of course, this verse of a poem that makes me cry without fail:

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.


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