Reliving: Travel Memories in Italy

It is the next edition of Travel Tuesday with my cohost Belinda.  I look forward to reading all your posts in the link up this week.  While it may take me a bit to comment on all your posts, I do read every single one.  We are proud to announce a new exciting update starting next month!  While we do Travel Tuesday every Tuesday, the first Tuesday of every month will be our themed prompts.  On October 1st it will be the first Tuesday of the month and the prompt is:  "Show us your most favourite photo from all your travels and tell us why it means so much to you". 

Also would like to bring to focus one of my favourites...of course I loved them all...Travel Tuesday posts from last week. Danielle from the Lifestyle Project blog had a great post about meeting  boy in Cambodia. This story touched me on a personal level as I related to one of the sweet girls I met while I was in Cambodia. I still have the painting she did that I bought from her to bring home. She had one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen.  

This is also the next installment of Blogtember with Jenni.  The prompt for today states, "A Memory You Would Love to Relive.

A memory I would like to relive. There are so many that would be awesome to relive like old devolved films re-watch end over in my mind many times over.  I thought of how easy it could be to mention my late father again or in the height of my baby fever about the birth of both of my sons. Then it hit me in preparation for my Travel Tuesday post just how special traveling is  in my life. How there are certain trips that once taken cannot simply be revisited with a return flight. Which got me to focus on my memories of taking my husband 'home' for the first time.

Normally you bring your spouse home before you get married or shortly after depending on the circumstances. For me I brought Ryan to bella Napoli in Italia eleven years after we first met at University and nine years after we got married. It was not because I did not want him to see the place I have still lived longest than anywhere else in my life. But we had spent the majority of our relationship stateside, despite our best endeavors to find a way abroad. 

Unfortunately the photos I took on my phone of Ryan's first couple of days in Italy including our day in Rome and our first night in Napoli were gone when I got my phone stolen days later in that trip. You can read about my night in an Italian Jail for the story on that one.

So I would love to relive all of Ryan's firsts in Italy again. To look into his eyes as he saw Rome for the first time after we got off the plane in Italy. To watch him try his first bite of pasta in Rome. His first real taste of gelato, the nectar from the gods. Of course his first bite of pizza in its birth place of Italy. It was one of those trips you cannot simply experience the same way again the second or third time around. 

However my sons have yet to go to Italy. So on our next trip 'home' it will be my husband and I together watching as our sons experience the beauty if Italy for the first time. Smelling the Mediterranean salt air, tasting their first authentic pizza margherita, listening to the chorus of loud Neapolitan voices in the bush city streets, and watching their young eyes as they see where their mum grew up as a girl. Well for a total of six years in two different times of my life. For the other places that will be another trip here and another trip there. More memories to make together and more moments in time that I will live over and over again in my mind.

Q: Where would you like to go again from the places where you have traveled? 

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  1. Italy looks so gorgeous, I really hope I get the chance to go before I leave Europe.
    If I could go anywhere again so far it'd be Athens, it's just beautiful and I wasn't in the best frame of mind whilst there, so I'd go back and experience the same things but with a positive attitude.

  2. Our last big vacation before our kids came along was an 11th anniversary trip to Ireland to see the Cliffs of Moher on the West coast of Ireland. I struggled with infertility and we'd had some rough patches in the adoption process. It was a refreshing time to gain perspective and feel a release from some of the depression that had plagued me. it was just one month after our trip that we brought home are daughter at 5 months old from an orphanage in Czech Republic. I've been longing to go back and this October we will get the chance to do just that and take our kids and my in-laws with us. So looking forward to it!

  3. I'm so cross on your behalf that your camera was stolen Bonnie! It's the memories isn't it. Going with your boys will be lovely though when you return. x

  4. I love the look of pure joy that Ryan has on his face while holding the gelato! I've mentioned it before, but Italy is the one country I want to travel to more than any other. x

  5. Just beautiful. I really, really want to get to Napoli. Do you still speak much of the language? If you had the chance, would you live in Italy again? x

  6. awesome! Italy is gorgeous - been there as well! :)
    would love to get back, or repeat that travel :)

    great photos of yours! :)

  7. What a beautiful memory to "relive"--which you do very well with your words :) And the October 1st theme is so fun--can't wait to participate!

  8. Absolutely love Rome - you can't turn a corner without finding something fascinating to photograph, and your pictures just bring it to life! I would go back in a heartbeat, and I'd love to take my husband - he hasn't been. Love the idea of a theme for TT also - can't wait to dig up my favorite vacation photos!

  9. Your photos and the way you write about it makes me want to jump on a plane right now! It looks like an amazing place to visit and it's definitely on my bucket list :-)

  10. I love this shot so much - I'm such a sucker for sources of light!

  11. Great pics of Italy. This post made me really want some Italian gelato!

  12. Oh my goodness! So much beauty!! I hope to one day see a glimpse of the beauties of Italy!

    Elle @

  13. Napoli looks beautiful and charming through your lens.
    I would love to relive Gregory's first trip to the US. I wish I had absorbed his first reactions to things more, like the first time he ate in an American restaurant and had a huge slab of baby back ribs set in front of him. The look on his face was priceless. x


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