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Today's Blogtember prompt is 'React to this term: Comfort'.  I decided to make this a post in part of My Ex-Pat Life series. Some of the things we talk about as expats are the harder and not so pretty things people do not think about when glamorizing the expat lifestyle.  So we share our homesickness stories, the challenges of fitting into another culture, and moving woes.  In the mist of it all we look for comforts to help us through unexpected appearances of culture shock and the 'rainy days' of life.  For me personally, I have found it very beneficial to find comforts in both my 'host' and 'home' cultures.    There is something to be said about finding balance to gain focus and happiness in your life.  To be able to pick yourself up and find the best of both worlds.  I love finding comforts to enjoy when I am already in a really great state of mind.  They become the cherry on top of my expat life. 

Yesterday was definitely a cherry on top moment. I had the pleasure of getting to meet up with Sarah from The Wanderblogger. At the beginning of the month I was mentioned by Chelsea when Sarah announced she would be coming to Bath with her husband for a few days. I was so excited for the chance to meet up with a fellow expat. We were going to do more of a tour around Bath, but got caught with rainy weather on Thursday.  Luckily it sounds like Sarah and Cory had a very fun filled time in Bath and I look forward to seeing her recap it on her blog. We met up outside Sally Lunn's for our blate at around lunch time.  Sally Lunn (Solange Luyon) was a Huguenot refugee who came to Bath from France in 1680. She started making these buns which are now infamous here in Bath with both the locals and the tourists alike. You can get them in savory and sweet variations.  I have seen the line of people outside waiting to get in but this was my first time at Sally Lunn's.  We ordered our buns and cakes and talked up a storm.  If it was not for her husband Cory, we may have talked without eating until it was time for me to be home for when my sons get home from school.  Unfortunately some how our order got 'lost' and Cory had noticed that people who had sat down after us had already eaten and left while we were still drinking our water. We eventually had to order a second time and did get our food in time before needing to leave.  The food did come, was really good and hit the spot. 

Despite that small hiccup in service at Sally Lunn's, we had a great time.  Sarah is one of those amazing people you would be blessed to get to know.  I felt that way when I found out about her blog. I just love finding new expat blogs that bring me back every week as a loyal reader.  It was that way when I started reading The Wanderblogger.  When you connect to another blogger online, to me it is like making a friend in real life. I just feel blessed to have gotten to meet Sarah and her husband yesterday.  Yes we are all Americans, but talking together to me I felt as comfortable as if we had known each other for years.  It was an awesome comfort that as an expat I cherish. I love living in England and getting meet new people here but it is also nice to just be able to connect to someone who is living the similiar expat lifestyle.  As a global nomad myself I love trying things for the first time. So in the mist of a new friendship, getting to try the sweet comforts of a local delicacy was perfect for the occasion.  It became the nice blend of comfort from 'home' and 'host' culture in one. I loved getting to meet Sarah in person because she is very sweet, authentic, and has the biggest heart. I just wish we had more time so I could have heard even more about their time in tour in Amsterdam. It was a lovely blate and it makes me want to nudge Selena for a group blate in London soon. ;) 

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  1. How fun!! Sarah and I have been trying to work on a meet up and it just spurs me on that I need to make it happen soon! What lovely pictures of your time!!! And let me know if that London meet up happens!! I'd love to be there!!

  2. It looks like a lovely time! I've had two amazing blates so far with a wonderful girl in Birmingham. x

  3. This sounded like such fun! I have never been on a blate, bit will be having one in December over a coffee with Kim from A Moving Story when she is back in Ohio! Can't believe I will be living there in two weeks!

  4. It took me an embarrasingly long time to figure out what "blate" meant ;) Great pictures!

  5. Ditto - it'd be great to see Selena again too - have you heard of the Ladies in Blogging meets; we could make a night of it :D


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