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Blogtember Day 15: 'A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!  Even thought I read through the whole list of Blogtember posts before the start of September, it still seems like a surprise every day that I work on a prompt.  I was glad to see this 'life lately' prompt as I feel there has been a lot going on and would like to just catch everyone up in one place.

Affordable Online Photography Courses
The most exciting news is my new BLux photography courses are progressing well and the first one will be ready in October.  Registration has not yet begun, but keep you ear out as I will be mentioning more about it it closer to the time.  I had a guest post on The Bradley's Blog which came out this weekend.  The first course is B.In Focus, a photography 101 course that helps you make the transition from auto settings into manual.  The goal is to help students get their camera to do what they want it to do.  As a teaser, here is a first look video about the BLux photographic courses.

Blogging Everyday 
I am still posting every day and have been since February.  With each month that goes past I feel so accomplished as I finally found something I love to be consistent with...since exercizing comes and goes. ;)  While I write every day, I do not expect people to read my blog every day for I can hardly expect everyone to share on the interests that I talk about on ACR.  So in case you are new here are some of the themes I have ben blogging about lately:

...of course Blogtember prompts!

I some amazing bloggers coming to the sidebar in October, including our winner from the September Giveaway for my brand new ad space opening up.  There a just a few more spots open for Second Star to Right and Compass Points for October if you are interested in sponsoring ACR.  Alternatively you can also take over my blog for a day and submit a guest post.  Get in touch if I can be of any assistance. 

You may have noticed some changes on ACR lately in regards to the design.  I have been trying out some different looks and restructuring how things have been laid out. If you notice anything out of place or a broken link, please let me know.  I have tried to catch everything, but you can never have too many eyes keeping a look out. 

Favourite Reads
I love sharing posts I read that I love because they are some of my favourite posts to read on other blogs. However the sensitive person in me always feels a bit uneasy as I do not want anyone to think I forgot about them or did not like their posts this week. The opposite is true as I am always so motivated and encouraged by the amazing energy and work that is being put out into the blogosphere.  Thank you to you all for loving what you do and sharing your passion with us!  With that said these are some really great reads from recently:

Following your Blogging Compass by Belinda at Found Love. Now What?
Its Okay - Expat Version by Patricia at Kisses and Croissants 
Third Culture Kid by Elizabeth at Sattvic Family
New Norm V by Chelsea at Lost in Travels
Snorkeling Borneo by Amanda at Living in Another Language


Q: What Have Been Your Good Reads Lately?

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  1. I would love to take one of your online classes, but I'm far too busy with my last semester of university to do it right now. Will you be doing it again in the spring time at some point?

  2. I have enjoyed reading the posts linked up on my blog hop/social today as it means I get to 'meet' other bloggers and find out what people are up to around the world! I have read most of the posts you enjoyed reading as I visit them all (and you) regularly, but there is one blog I have not come across, so I will head on over there now!

  3. I noticed your change in design yesterday and I love it! You chose a great picture of you and it's very personal, I prefer it to your last one... although that one was pretty too ;)

  4. I love hearing your sweet voice in the video. :-) Makes me miss you!

  5. Hey, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your photography classes. I just bought a new camera and I'm so busy, I need an easy online tool to get better with it!

  6. I'm so excited for this post because I'm so behind on a lot of my favorite blogs, and that includes yours! :) So, it's nice to get a little caught up all at once!

    And can I say bravo and congrats for posting EVERY SINGLE DAY! I mean, that takes a lot of hard work! Plus, you have very personal and original content! You, yet again, are my role model! I can't believe how much you do -- and with family and kids, too!

    I've been meaning to say this but CONGRATULATIONS on starting your eCourse and offerings! I've said it before: you have amazing photography skills, so I know that people are going to get so much out of your course! And it's something for me to keep in mind if I go down the photography path. I don't take pictures that often (in my mind), but when I do and concentrate on it, I really enjoy it. I could see it being something I really enjoyed if I invested more time into it!

    Also, can I say that your voice was such a surprise? I don't know why I expected a husky, serious tone, haha, but I did! But your voice warms me up to you even more! :) (I don't know if this comment is weird or whatever, but there you go).

    Anyway, yayyyyy for you Bonnie Rose! So glad that things are going so well for you and this blog! (P.S. I really like this most recent change with the look in the blog!)

  7. That's A LOT going on! But I'm so excited for all your ventures, and am loving your war on girls series!

  8. Just read about you over at Sarah's blog and I thought I'd pop over and say hi :)

  9. What a fun way to bring people up to speed. And wow! Way to go posting every day since February. That's a HUGE accomplishment. :)

  10. Hey thanks for the shout out dear! I didn't see that the first time I read this post! You'll do a wonderful job with your photography courses I just know it!


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