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Another Edition of Travel Tuesday with my cohost Belinda and I decided I wanted to skip forward in my recap of Wales and share with you one of the reasons I love going to the beach.  My family loves going to the beach.  From the west coast of Monterey, to the island of Oahu in Hawaii, to Seaside Heights at the Jersey shore on the East coast, to across the pond to pebble beaches of Brighton, and now over to the beaches in Wales.  It is all about being near the ocean, smelling the salt in the air, and enjoying our time at the seaside.  

We ended up going to the beach twice during our week in Wales which made me conclude that I could easily come back every year just to spend two whole weeks at the beach.  Honestly my sons would be quite happy about that.  With everything we did in New Jersey last Summer, some which were not that cheap, they preferred the free visits to the beach the most.  One of their favourite things to do, well after running into the ocean to body surf a million times, is to build sandcastles.  Last year they had an amazing time with Nonna using all the neat buckets and shovels for sandcastle building.  There is just now limit when it comes to creativity and will power.

While we were in Wales I was inspired by two builds from other patronages of the beach.  Though not big and intricate, they were simple and beautiful.  The first because the kids who had built it took the time to bring little flags for which to decorate the castle.  They even had the Welsh flag with the dragon on it.  The second was a speedboat because what could be a better setting for one than the beach? 

The folks at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks put together a lovely infographic about The World of Sandcastles and Sand sculptures.   It is all part of a Sandcastle building competition where you can take part, send in a photo, and win a holiday at one of their four holiday parks for up to six people!

Infographic presented by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks

Q: What has been some creative builds you have seen at the seaside?


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My sponsor today is no stranger to the world of travel.  Selena has been to over thirty countries and she plans to double that number in the next five years! Now that is a goal I would love to join in.  I was so excited to find out about Selena when she found my blog because we have a lot in common. We are both US Air Force brats that moved around a lot as kids and now both live in England.  I find her story really inspiring to myself.  After her daughter left the house her life evolved to finding love again, moving overseas as an expat, and now exploring the world.  I am just attracted to people who love life and love seeing all it has to offer.  I think you will love Selena too!

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  1. Oeh, I love sandcastles. I am not good at making them, put that doesn't matter.
    When we were younger we would make sand seaturtles with my father, and cover the shell with pebbles to make it look more real. Those were the days.

    Great post :)

  2. I love to see my kid's creations when they play in the sand! And I LOVE beach days! My kids don't fuss or complain or fight with each other, that just all melts away!! Beautiful sand!!

  3. One time, my siblings and I were on the beach when some fishermen were cleaning the crabs and stuff out of their nets, and they gave us live horseshoe crabs and other little critters--we used them as sea monsters guarding our sand castle until they all decided to run away and go back to the ocean. I don't think they liked our sand castle much....

    The boat one is really cool!

  4. Ah I looove going to the beach after a sand-building competition, and all over there are just the most amazing works of art - from mermaids to celebrity faces... so much fun!

  5. Bonnie, what a fun adventure at the beach! I haven't built a sand castle in who knows how many years but you are making me want to go back to the beach and try :) Thanks for hosting!

  6. I love your boat-castle... such a cool mom you are :) In the South African town of Durban there are always awesome sandcastles on the beach, one person even recreated one of the stadiums that was built for the soccer world cup. It was a true work of art!


  7. What great tips on making a sand castle! This is a summer must if you have kids or not! :)

  8. That's the best part about Florida. Lots of beaches!

    Your new blog design is awesome!

  9. Looks like you had so much fun building sand castles! Also, this is my first time linking up for Travel Tuesday and I'm excited to participate :) But just FYI I couldn't get your button to paste correctly into my post? Just wanted to give you a heads up! xoxo

  10. i love those pictures bonnie! my family used to go to florida to see family every summer and i remember the same thing, we loved the beach the most! just goes to show, you don't have to spend a lot to have a great vacation!

  11. Great pics! I don't think I've built a sand castle in 20 years!!

  12. Awww I haven't built a sandcastle in forever! I've been to alot of beaches but it just never crossed my mind. Will have to give it a whirl next time I go for sure. And the infographic was so informative, I'm a geek for learning about new things that are interesting and sandcastle making is most definitely interesting. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to keep in touch with my inner child :)

  13. You should, nothing like breaking into childhood memories again. Is it not great? I learned stuff from it too. Hope it helps tap into your inner child! x

  14. Well more the reason to tap into that inner child and build one next time you are at the seaside. ;) x

  15. Thank you chelsea! IT really is great! Its kinda like never buy a kid a present, get them a box with bubble wrap. The best things in life are free. :)

  16. So glad you got to link up! I am reading through all the posts tonight and so excited about the turn out. I have so much fun reading about where people have been and where they want to go and wanderlust stories! Its so fun. Glad you got to link up! Feel free to save the the button and upload it that way, will look at the coding too. x

  17. Yes. My boys are begging to go to Florida really bad too Rachel. They want to to go the beach and then to all the parks. So all of disney and I told them about the cool waterparks disney has, and of course Harry Potter world as well. Thank you so much. Allie from Allie made the banner and I've been trying to keep to mappy theme. Who knows might keep tweaking and tweaking. :)

  18. Is it not great? We didnt build that one but found it on the beach so had to go pose in it...or my sister did. Wow, that is so cool! I love whentalented people blow us all out of the water with such great castle designs! x

  19. It was so great. I love the beach and would love to go back every year if we can or could. So glad you have been linking up with us! x

  20. That is so cool! I would love to see really awesome competitions because those people create things that just seem impossible for sand. So awesome what you can do if you put your mind to it! x

  21. Oh what an awesome story and what cool fisherman! That would be so cool to have happen with us, i know my boys would have loved it. I found a dead crab, and showed Ronan and Maddox. Then i placed it next to my sister who was not impressed. ;)

  22. Is it not the greatest? The beach is wonderful. especially when kids can jsut play and relax and enjoy a free day for all the memories! x

  23. I love that you are the first to comment on my post almost every day. :) Yeah I'm not very good either. I can make a good pit! I love that you guys made sand seaturtles! That sounds lovely! I would love to do that next time with my boys since we miss the honu from Hawaii so much. x

  24. Oh I have fond memories of building sandcastles. As a kid we used to go camping at a place with a big lake and we stayed there for weeks on end, there were even sandcastle building competitions for kids there. I think the funniest thing I ever build with friends there was a crocodile (not really a castle eh)

  25. A crocodile! That would be so cool to build and I bet it was amazing and fun!


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