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Rachel from Postcards from Rachel tagged me this weekend in this post that has been going around the blogging community.  I am very honoured that she chose me.  Rachel is a former expat, lover of travel, married to her great love, and has two beautiful dogs.  She also recently guest posted on A Compass Rose as part of  my LoveWeek series. Make sure to pop over and send a hello for me! 

Married Ten Years to my university sweetheart, pictured at the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill, London. 

1. What is the best advice anyone has given you?
Many words of wisdom have been spoken over the years, but I cherish the ones from a person whose life on Earth was cut too short.  On my wedding day ten years ago a groomsman went around with a camera and asked for advice for us from our family and friends.  My father's advice for marriage was that if each person gave 75%, everything will work out just fine. We live in a world where people hold high expectations of others, hold selfish wants and desires,  and think things should be 50/50.  To go above the 50% in a marriage and give more of yourself to your partner, instead of desiring things, or wishing for what you do not have still rings true to me as golden advice for any couple.  Thank you Dad!

2. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
Honestly I have a very long list and if finances were not an issue I would travel the world to visit them all and then blog about it for all my readers.  One of the first expat/travel bloggers I met online this year once restarting my blog was Chelsea from Lost in Travels.  She has always been so friendly, gracious, and inspiring.  I love how down to earth she is coupled with her love of life. I honestly see us meeting somewhere in the world to go on a trip together and would love if that happened one day. Chelsea I also have an air mattress with your name on it.

3. Who Inspires you?
As a creative I find inspiration all around in people and the world around me.  However there are two celebrities who have been role models in my life since I was a young teenager.  Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie.  They both inspire me in so many ways. From their career in film to their humanitarian work around the world.  Their role as mothers and their iconic fashion style.  I am inspired by Audrey's early history during WWII with her involvement with the Dutch Resistance and the way she has inspired her children to carry on her legacy.  I am inspired by Angelina's personal journey from a rebellious teenager to a mother going through and elective double mastectomy all in the public spotlight.  For Angelina to go through as much as she has and be judged by millions for any detail of her life and come out as strong as she is now, says a lot about her character.  When I feel discouraged or struggling, reading about either one of these women inspires me to see the world anew.

4. What is your biggest struggle in life?
The art of balancing it all. Which is a struggle we can all face with different factors.  For me it is balancing being a wife, being a mother, being a third culture kid and expat, being a creative professional and loving to work outside of the home.  Finding a way to balance it all, have it all, and make it work has been a big struggle through out the years when a major factor is living a highly nomadic life where you are always starting over.  What helps is knowing my priorities and having a supportive family and loving husband who encourage my passions.

5. Favourite piece of jewelry (other than your engagement/wedding ring) and why?
To be fair I wish I could say my engagement/wedding ring.  However I lost my rings during our separation, only to find the wedding band some time later. Due to the unique shape of my engagement ring the wedding band I wear is a bit awkward looking on my hand.  However I love that I at least have it still, since the engagement ring is long gone and it is the only ring that I can wear that feels 100% comfortable all of the time.  My husband lost his ring in our home in Hawaii thanks to one of our kids so ideally one day we will both get new rings. Since I was not supposed to answer about wedding related rings I will say that my mum got me the Evenstar necklace that Arwen wears in Lord of the Rings. As a Tolkien fan from a very young age, I really love that she picked it out for me for my 30th birthday.

6. Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
I feel like I am always on the go. I am never far from a camera and seem to be doing something blogging or social networking related any time of the day.  So when I truly have time away from all of that and time just for myself (to be considered 'spare time') I would have to say I love to write.  More specifically in regard to a novel. I do not know if I will ever finish it or if it will be something I will ever share.  I write for myself when I am inspired. Sometimes I am not writing chapters, but writing about the characters, the places, book themes, or anything that comes to my mind about the story. Just so that I can write and flesh out this world I have created in my mind.  It is nice to have something just for me and as a lover of books its a nice place to get lost in for a awhile when time allows.

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1. Who or what inspires you?
2. How did your blog come about?
3. Which blog are you in love with that you only found out about recently?
4. When you struggle in life, what keeps you going?
5. One goal you would like to achieve before 2014
6. Who has been your role model?
7. What is something you love about yourself?
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9. What hobby would you love to pick up?
10. Tell us something we may not know about you?

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  1. I love this post! As a new reader, it's great to learn a bit more about you :) Firstly, I love the advice from your Dad, probably the best marriage (or LT relationship) advice that could be given. And, I couldn't agree more with you about Chelsea... she's the best :)


  2. Jenna, so glad you love it! Its nice to do 'about me' posts for new readers. Or at least I love to read them on other blogger's pages, so glad Rachel helped me get a new on one here. Love love love Chelsea, glad you love her blog too. I think its hard not to visit it once and not love all her travel posts. x

  3. You have an Evenstar?! Officially jealous. And what wonderful advice to receive. I'll have to remember that for my own relationship!

  4. I love this and will definitely have to post it sometime!

    Also, I'm sorry you lost your engagement ring! That would stress me out so much! What a bummer. :(

  5. I love when you write about yourself because it always seems so candid and open, and never formal. I think your dad's advice was spot on. What was the shape of your original engagement ring? I'll definitely be participating in this. Thanks for the tag! xx

  6. I just loved reading this. What more can I say?

    Thanks for tagging me, Bonnie!

  7. Your Dad's advice is spot on!

    My engagement ring got broken (diamond clasp fell off and it was lost) - cried my eyes out and felt crushed because we were/are in an LDR - friend found the diamond under her car seat months later and returned it to me! Result! :-)

  8. Yep! It was a big surprise. I used to wear it all the time and now I just wear it on special occasions.

  9. Oh do and then let me know so I can make sure to read it. :) Yeah, its pretty sad. :( One day we will replace it.

  10. Oh cool, i love hearing how I come across from others when I write. It was a titanium ring that was not a complete circle but twisted and the ends held the stone in a tension setting. It looked like this:

  11. You are very welcome and I look forward to reading yours too! x

  12. Oh now thats scary! So glad your friend recovered the diamond! That is an amazing end to that story. Did you end up getting the ring fixed?

  13. I cried my eyes out again when my friend gave it to me! Amazing!

    I have not had it fixed yet but have it safely stored away for when I can get it done. I could not believe it was in her car - I had no recollection of it breaking and only noticed when out at a meal and I looked down to see the diamond gone! I thought I had lost it at work (a school) so all the kids were told and everywhere I went there were children on their hands and knees looking for it for weeks! It was so sweet because the would find bits of glitter and rush over to me and once a girl found a stick on jewel from a wall display and ran to me from her lesson to give it to me. Made me feel so loved. Bless them!

  14. love this, great post and love Chelsea from Lost in Travels too!! balancing it all really is a tough one for me too!

  15. That's lovely! So unique. I'm so sorry you lost it! xx

  16. Beautiful photo of you two! And I agree with Molly -- your dad gave you some great advice. It's something I always try and remember when things get tough.

    Loved getting to know you a little better. Thanks for participating! :)

  17. ugh, you girls are amazing : ) i hope you know how much i LOVE reading your posts! you girls are so sweet and sincere! i would love to meet up and travel around with you guys!

  18. Your dads advice is beautiful, perfect and very useful. I will endeavor to give 75% in my 50/50 relationship x

  19. I would literally die of a broken heart if I lost my rings!!! Your Dad's advice is so awesome and I couldn't agree more!

  20. thanks for the sweet shout out bonnie! you know we'd have a blast if we met up ; ) one day! and i LOVE that advice from you dad! i think it's so true that we hold other people at impossibly high expectations and yet don't think that we should be held that high. that 75% part is something that i will strive for! i know it will make all the difference!

  21. Yep. I had originally wanted the tiffany setting, but Ryan found that online and I was sold. Yeah sadly I was not very good and keeping up with my jewelry while we were separated. Shame on me. One day we will get a replacement.

  22. Loved participating, i really like the get to know you better posts on everyones blogs.

  23. Its such valuable advice for sure!

  24. It is rough. Luckily my diamond was a CZ, something we intended to replace one day when we werent poor college students. So now we just have to replace the whole shebang. x

  25. You are so welcome Chelsea! Its something I know I havent always followed but try m best to now.


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