Self Portrait: 'Inside the Frame'

I am back with the Self Portrait Saturday challenge!  This is where any time during the week you take a photo of yourself with any camera that you own and share it with us on Saturday.  My self portrait this week is entitled 'Inside the Frame'.  No underlining conceptual themes or trick photography involved in this shot.  I was getting ready to go to my expat friend's house for tea and had a few minutes to play around with my camera and the window light while waiting on my sons to get their shoes on.  So here I am in my H&M lacy peach dress, my hair back in a chignon, and wearing my brown frames.  You normally do not see me wearing my glasses in photographs.  I used to be a girl that loved living life through her variety of colour contacts.  However I need a new contacts and have a deep love for my oversized prescription sunglasses. 

I do not mind being photographed in my glasses and to be fair love the look of me in my frames.  However I will be honest with you.  I am that girl that quickly grabs the frames off her face and hides them behind her back in a photo op.  Eyes are the windows to the soul and sometimes I just want to see that without the distraction of glasses.  It is interesting how much different someone can look with our without glasses on and so in lieu of keeping my blog grounded in authenticity here is my self portrait with me wearing my glasses inside the frame. 

'Inside the Frame' Self portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 - 20013 All Rights Reserved | 


I try to do one every week and post on a Saturday. 
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*Self portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 - 20013 All Rights Reserved | 


  1. Seems I am having probs with adding the link but I am glad to join in:
    Have a lovely day!

  2. You look lovely in glasses! I wear mine all the time as unable to wear contacts. I look way better with mine on as I have really small eyes and look kind of odd - plus I pull a funny face without them on because I cannot see! :-)

  3. I think you look really nice with glasses, Bonnie! x

  4. Love you in glasses, Bonnie! I agree about glasses in photos as well- I always get upset if I have a great picture with/of someone and their wearing them and you can't see their eyes- I feel that being able to see eyes in photographs is like being able to see their true emotions.

  5. Thank you Kayli! So true about the emotions and eyes, and glad you see this too. Its such a honest look into a person. x

  6. Thank you Jade! Love you girl. x

  7. Thank you Ms. Molly! You know I have to say I love my glasses on sometimes too. I think it depends if I have eye make up on. but nice to not have to touch the eyeballs every day with your fingers. x

  8. Thanks for adding your link in the comment. :) x


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