Love Week Recap

Photography © Miriam Pinkston Visual Artist, All Rights reserved.

The photo above is my first sneak peek photograph from my shoot with my photographer friend, Miriam Pinkston.  I met Miriam and her husband before they even started dating back during our days at University.  Today they have three boys and are expecting their fourth child very soon and we now have two boys on our own. So between us we had five boys under the ages of eight playing around together while we were in Wales.  It was just so much fun to see them interact and it was like no time had passed when it came to us adults back together again after a decade.  Miriam  was so wonderful and took the photographs for us and I was just too excited today to not share one.  I really loved this one because it was one of the last ones taken while we were on the beach.  We were nearly the only ones there and it was just so beautiful.

Love Week has ended and I would like to thank everyone participated by reading the guest posts, for the sweet comments, and all the wonderful messages sent over the different social media sites using the #RyanAndBonnie Thank you also to all ten of the bloggers who guest posted while we were away in Wales, up in London, and in Oxford during our time with family and friends for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  I was just so touched by all the love, not just bestowed to Ryan and I, but to each of the amazing guest bloggers.  Thank you to my readers for making this such a success and to the guest bloggers for encouraging each other.  I have quite a bit to catch up on and I am hoping to be able to have all messages and comments replied too before too long.  Just be patient with me while I get back to you all and know from the bottom of my heart how appreciative I am for your friendship and support.

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*Wedding Photography by Miriam Pinkston Photography. Follow Miriam Pinkston Visual Artist on Facebook


  1. You look stunning, Bonnie! I can't wait to see those photographs and hear more stories from the renewal! :) Thank you so much again for having me as a guest poster -- it was a wonderful experience! Also loved the other bloggers' posts!

  2. I'm so glad you guys had such a special time! I can't wait to hear about it in the coming weeks and of course I loved LOVE WEEK! So sorry I couldn't participate this time, my stupid holiday got in the way. :)

    Erin | Quintessentially English

  3. Oh my goodness, you look simply stunning! xx

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

  5. Gorgeous picture! Can't wait to see more.

  6. Thank you Jade! I was so excited to see my friend Miriam post this first photo of me. She did a great job. x

  7. Thank you and I am right there with you! I cannot wait.

  8. Thank you, Grazie, and Danke! I cannot wait to share more too. x

  9. Thank you Amanda, I sure felt pretty that day too. x

  10. Thank you Erin, it was really well worth the wait and so glad we got to go celebrate this way. Wales will always have a special place in my heart. No worries sweet Erin, I hope you had fun on your holiday! x

  11. Thank you Erika! I am so glad you got to be a part of the Love Week series, it really meant so much to me and I love reading your story and seeing everyone comment. Spread the love girl! x


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