Photography: LookBook Hawaii Pt. II

Today I am a guest poster on: Found Love Now What with a post I have entitled: Beating the Blues to a Happier You. If you have stumbled on my blog through Belinda's site, thank you and I hope you will enjoy my corner of the Blogosphere.  I blog about being an expat, growing up as a Third Culture Kid, and even share my photography from travels to portraits I've taken around the world.  Today is my Throwback photography post for Thursday and I hope you will enjoy! Cheers! 


For today's Throwback photography post I take you to the LookBook inspired shoot with model Kristen in Hawaii. Last week we looked at LookBook Hawaii Pt. I and this is the follow up LookBook Hawaii Pt. II at Lanikai beach, on Oahu. Kristen was one of several models that partook in my 'Model of the Month' project in 2010, being the cover girl for April. 

Q: What is your favourite thing to wear to the beach this summer?

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  1. Your photos amaze me each time I see them. They look great!
    During the summer I go for easy clothes, dresses, shorts... I guess this summer vacation I will be going back to basics (can't take alot with me)


  2. oh my goodness, your pictures are always so amazing! my favorite is the one where she's laying on her side on the beach, so beautiful bonnie!

  3. Wow! What amazing photographs, seriously...stunning. I love the one where she's jumping in the air- it just looks so graceful. Fabulous work, Bonnie!

  4. I just visited Hawaii for my honeymoon for the first time, and my husband and I fell in love! It's got to be one of the most incredible places on earth! I'm jealous that you got the chance to live there! :) We are definitely making plans to retire there, or somewhere as equally beautiful!

  5. Once again, your photos are amazing! I loved your guest post on Belinda's blog as well!

  6. Thank you Rachel, and so glad you got to read my post on Belinda's blog as it was such a pleasure to get to write for her. x

  7. Madi that is so great you got to go for your honeymoon! What island did you visit? It would be a lovely place to retire and some place I would love to return to as well. x

  8. Thank you Kayli for your comments. That was a fun shot with her jumping. Those little islands in the background were so great to have behind her. You can actually kayak out there and its one thing I never got to do and want to return back to Hawaii to accomplish! x

  9. That is a favourite of mine too, and one of our last shots for the day so it was nice to end on a note of simplicity. x

  10. Thank you Susanne, so glad you enjoy them. I really love sharing the photography throwback posts. Summer is so nice when you live somewhere with warm weather because yes dresses are my staple. Luckily we had a few weeks of summer and dresses are all I wore pretty much. Basics are good for vacation at least as its easier to pack then winter with coats and sweaters. :) x

  11. We went to Oahu, The Big Island, and Maui! I hope you're having a fabulous week!


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