Elopement in Honolulu, Hawaii

For 'Wedding Wednesday' an elopement photo shoot and a special behind the scenes look at a Vintage Bridal photo shoot with Sabrina & Daniel. Take a walk with us through China Town in Honolulu, Hawaii and experience the joy through the their look of love for each other.  

Did you see the Behind the Scenes video 
for the Vintage Bridal Shoot?

*Make up by Melissa Hurley and Hair & Photography by Bonnie Rose.
*photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography ©2007-2013 All Rights Reserved - www.bonnie-rose.co.uk 


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always! Wish you had been my wedding photographer :)

  2. These photos are amazing! I love her dress, too!

  3. Ahh, these photos are gorgeous! And her dress, makeup, accessories?! Flawless.

  4. these pictures are so beautiful! i for some reason, absolutely love elopement photos, it just seems so much more personal!


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