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The sun has been out more this year then the whole summer last year in England. Regardless to say we are all feeling a bit spoiled and I make any excuse to go outside.  I had the opportunity to take a stroll around the town of Bath today near the Royal Crescent.   It really is so beautiful and I enjoyed playing tourist for a bit.  Experiencing this part of Bath for the first time reminded me about when we first moved to Brighton from the USA.  We were caught between being tourists and starting the expat life.  Everything was new and we enjoyed photographing all the local landmarks, like the Royal Pavilion  and details of beauty.  Here are some of my favourites from our first couple weeks in Brighton, England. There is the abandoned pier, the Royal Pavilion and its gardens. Also a lovely cat that I found in the neigbhourhood who was kind enough to let me photograph him for posterity   

"I want to go to Brighton!" - Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

This month I am reading Sense and Sensibility for the #JaneAustenBookClub
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Q: Have you been to Brighton, England yet? What were your favourite places to see or go to for food?


  1. I love Brighton! (Actually I love any seaside, but that is another story!) I love just walking along the sea front and through the Shambles, it's just such a lovely day out!

    Your comments about that time when you are not a tourist, but don't quite live somewhere is really interesting for me at the moment. I am British and I live in London, and have done for some time. However, I recently realised (I suspect after reading lots of expect blogs!) that I just wasn't getting everything out of the city! I decided to start thinking like a visitor and it has changed everything, I notice so much more and am really enjoying my city (and blogging all about my adventures!).

  2. These photographs are beautiful! I've never been, but I need to! And I love the Jane Austen shout out! ;)

  3. It's funny you post this today, because I have a photo post scheduled for tomorrow with my pics from my trip down to Brighton a few weeks ago - such a beautiful place and as usual, you've captured some beautiful shots here!

  4. GORGEOUS photos Bonnie! I love all of these. :)

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  5. that first one needs to be blown up and put on the wall : )

  6. Such cool photos. I know where your rain has been. It's here in Germany! We have gotten more rain this month than Germany has ever gotten. Rivers are flooding over. Enjoy and soak up that sun while it lasts. It's a rare thing in Europe it seems!


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