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Today is the first day of May and with it commences the Blog Every Day in May challenge.  Feel free to join in and if you catch this anytime through out the month feel free to just jump right in.  I will be posting my normal posts, so you get a special treat of two different posts for each day this month. 

Day 1, WednesdayThe story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

I was born in Oxford, England to American parents who were on their second overseas tour in Europe.  This would not be their last as I grew up moving around military bases in Europe until I was seventeen years old.  My childhood was highly nomadic as we were always moving.  I have lived in a place for as little as a few months and as long as three years at a time.  Hence I can never easily answer where I am from and still have yet to settle down.  I have learned a few different languages growing up and traveling abroad but I am still only speak English fluently.  I met my husband at Uni in the US.  We were college sweethearts and married while we both still in school.  We then embarked on the life as a military family adding two children along the way for the next six years.  We got really 'tough' assignments of Monterey, California and Oahu, Hawaii.  However life made up for life of paradise by experiencing the sudden loss of my dad and followed by a near divorce in my marriage.  Through it all we finally made our way to Europe in the summer of 2011 and have been living the Expat life ever since.  My husband and I are more in love than ever and will be renewing our vows this August on our 10th Wedding Anniversary in Wales. This is just another chapter in our story called life. 

Second to my camera, my pink laptop is one of my favourite accessories. 


  1. Really enjoyed your first Blog Every Day in May challenge. I am a new(ish) reader so it was interesting to hear about some of your travel experiences. I am totally jealous of your time in Hawaii!! :) If you don't mind saying, I wonder where you went to university in the States? Just curious :)

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  3. i love how honest you are in your blog. marriage is hard and it's encouraging to hear people piece it back together and make it stronger despite rough patches. on a different note, are you glad that you moved so much while growing up? or do you wish you would have stayed in one spot?

  4. What a story. Wow. I travel a lot for work now - I can't imagine growing up that way (not for better or worse, just can't imagine it at all). Sounds like it's been quite the adventure. And I agree with lost in travels, I love the honesty here. And I'm super excited for you in your 10 year wedding anniversary, keep the good times coming :)

  5. What a story! I think it's wonderful that you and your husband are renewing your vows, and I love your honesty here.
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  6. Wonderful story! Found your blog from Jenni's link up and I wanted to say hi. Can't wait to hear more!

  7. LOVE. Wish we could be there for your vow renewing xox

  8. I am so happy you posted this. It was nice to get to know you that little bit more :)

  9. What an interesting story! Lots of movement... it resonates with me, as I have moved a lot too! :)

    1. Glad you were able to find it similar Erika x

  10. Great story! I am glad you and your husband are doing so well!



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