Wedding: My Custom Gown

Upstairs above my wardrobe is a box with my perserved 
wedding gown, veil and gloves from my wedding day in 2003.  
As August slowly approaches in the horizon I get more curious about opening that box.  
I feel like a little girl awaiting Christmas and knowing what she hopes to open that morning.  
I really want wear the gown again for our vow renewal ceremony. 
I have an idea of updating it.
But more on that later.

I originally had another gown for my wedding. 
One that I had picked out with a couple of my bridesmaids.
We had traveled to a bridal shop that boasted
'the largest bridal gown selection in the Mid-South'.
It was my first time to try on gowns and I fell in love with one.
It was pretty and I felt so pretty in it.

However weeks later I was looking through a bridal magazine 
and fell in love with a Amsale couture.
Unfortunately it cost as much as my wedding.
My dad asked me if I wanted the wedding or the gown.
I really wanted the gown.
It was perfect.
Love at first sight.
(because you can experience that with a gown)

So I found a seamstress in town and brought pictures of the gown.
I picked out the fabric I wanted and she took my measurements.
The dress that originally was priced at $2700 
I had made for my body for only $600
Best decision ever.

The other dress is still in my closet in a garment bag.
I'll be honest I take it out and try it on every so often.
I like to pretend I'm a princess.
Nothing much has changed from 
when I was a little girl growing up in England 
with a photos of Prince William on my dressing table.

My mum found my tiara for me, a replica of Princess Diana's. 
When the original shoes I wanted for my dress were out of stock
I went for the extreme opposite with lots of bling. 
I had long fingerless gloves and two different veils.  
Long one for the ceremony and a shorter for the reception.
The jewelry my mum gave to me as a gift.
I changed into a custom tailored white suit for my 'going away' outfit
as my new husband and I  drove off into the sunset.

Photography: Angela Alexander Photography
Photography: Angela Alexander Photography
Photography: Angela Alexander Photography
Photography: Angela Alexander Photography
*photography by Angela Alexander Photography of Little Rock, AR. 


  1. I had my wedding dress custom made as well :)

    1. It is definitely the way to go Casey. x

  2. So beautiful. Wish we could be there for will be amazing!

    Bella | Hi Life & Love

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you and hope you come back again when I wear it again in August. x

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I look forward to wearing it again in August. x

  5. Your dress was absolutely beautiful!

  6. pretty photo's;)X


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