Wedding: 'Eco Friendly Invites?'

I recently found one of our 'test' invitations for the pocket folds we made for our original wedding.
In 134 days my husband and I will have been married for ten years.
How a whole decade can pass so quickly is beyond me. 
To make it 10 years after everything that has happened 
when so many we know did not.
 It is our reason to celebrate and to start the next decade anew.
We will be celebrating our ten year anniversary by renewing our vows 
and reaffirming our love with family and friends.

We sent out our 'Save the Date' announcement electronically, 
thanks to the aid of social networking.  
With our date four months away the 'to do'
 of sending out invitations has been looming over my head.  
I adore a handwritten note and want to 
put together something equally personal.  
I have been waiting for the right time to tackle the task, 
but with moving to a new town 
things such as these get put on the back burner.

With family and friends scattered across the globe 
and the knowledge that most will be unable to be here in person 
I have been thinking about maybe just doing a Wedding website.
It obviously loses the personal touch I crave, 
but caters to the eco-friendly and without a cost.
The invitations ideas I love and have saved on Pinterest
would not be all together inexpensive to say the least.

So while I still teeter between the two ideas and try to come up with different DIY alternatives,
I would love to ask your opinion.  

Q: Do you think it is ok to replace the invitation in certain situations?
 Or do you think it comes across the wrong way?  

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  1. We've decided to be as Eco friendly as possible with our wedding so we're going fully digital for invitations, with a few exceptions for grandparents and our older, less tech savvy relatives. We gave people a heads' up in advance and so far the response has been very positive!


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