Self Portrait Saturday: 'Hold to Memory'

This morning as my boys came into our room asking when breakfast would be ready,
I was clinging to the remnants of the dream from which I had been awoken.
Next came little fingers playing on their daddy's mandolin
and from there any further sleep was but a dream.

Inspired by my morning here is this week's Self Portrait.

Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved |
Do you take self portraits? Or do you participate in Self Portrait Saturday?  
Comment below I would love to take a look at your photographs. :)  

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  1. Can you play the mandolin? I'd love to learn!

  2. So cool! I have to take a self portrait for my photography class and I'm sort of at a loss!

    <3 Daryl
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  3. Love this! I am not a fan of pictures of myself but that is something want to change. I have been thinking of trying a self-portrait for a week, starting out for just a month, and see how that goes. This has motivated me though:) Thanks!


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