Self Portrait: 'Lost in the Noise'

For my Self Portrait this week I decided to focus on my weakness.
This year that is working with a fairly basic camera compared to my D700.
Working in low light situations and having a lot of noise has always 
been two things to which make me feel most uncomfortable.

So this week: Deal with the noise.

I embraced it and played with it and accentuated it.  

It may not be most beautiful portrait. It may be flawed.
But I am accepting the beauty in the noise. 

Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved | 


  1. How do you take pictures of yourself like that? That's amazing!

    1. Carefully and trial by error. This one was right as the sun was going down and I had my camera on a timer resting on a ladder. I actually had the angle of the camera propped up by my iphone because it was all I had on hand before the sun went down. x


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