Photography: Looking Back at the Beginning

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2010 All Rights Reserved
Continuing on in my series of looking back at the photo shoots that brought me to where I am today, I go on to
 my first fashion shoot with models on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  On an island in the Pacific there are many
people like me who are not all that tall.  It quickly became my first initial filter for looking for new models to
 photograph.  I added to that list of criteria models who were just starting out and did not have a lot of looks in
 their portfolio.  One of the first few models I found who met both of those items was Polish born, Karolina, who
 was currently working as a nanny in Hawaii.  After messaging her on model mayhem I met her for coffee to go
 over the ideas for shooting and from there we met up on the day.

This was the one of the images from Bonnie Rose published in the Look Hawaii magazine.
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Goals, big or small, along the way help to push us and shape our endeavors in life.  One goal I set out with
Karolina was to see how many different looks we could put together in the short hours of the morning.  We
literally brought everything we owned that might work and laid it out nicely on the grassy hillsides of a local park
new my home in Mililani. Aside from losing my newly aquired iPhone a few times, we were able to work
smoothly from one look to the next with the aid of any other stylists or assistants.  Do not get me wrong, I would
 have gladly loved another extra hand and creative on location with us.  Working with in our means we were able
 to achieve the goal I set out and acquired several new looks for the start of Karolina’s modeling portfolio.  She
 went on to work with many other creative photographers on the island and soon was jet setting off around the
world to continue her work.  It was a very modest shoot and I believe nothing was bought for the shoot.  I say
this to then tell you that one of the images we created went on to be published in a Hawaiian magazine, featuring
 Karolina as a new up and coming model.  I learned that day and later on in retrospect that all it takes is action
 and a creative drive and you can start a spark that will go on into a fire.

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2010 All Rights Reserved

In this case that spark went on to work with several other models and clients in a very short period of time.  I
pulled from both the online modeling community in my local area and personal contacts that I had already
 established.  I would like to touch on my work with someone from each of those groups whose images were
some of the first in my new career path.  Phoebe was a former roommate and a friend I had made several
months back when living out on the Kailua side of the island for the previous summer.  She is a natural beauty
 and I had gotten her to model for me once before as a hair model for my work with extensions.  She brought
with her a few choice outfits and together with my youngest son we went out to shoot on Kailua beach and
 around my favourite running ground of Lanikai Loop.  Due to the fact that we were both quite familiar with the
area I had not set out specific spots to shoot at in advance.  We walked around to our favourite areas  and I
photographed her as we went on.  One of my favourite shots from the day was an outtake photo with my son,
Maddox.  One or both of my kids sometimes were with me shooting since my husband was often busy with his
 job in the military.  These images with the models are some I treasure because it ties in both my love for work
and my love for family.

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Veronica is a model that I came into contact with by word of mouth from Karolina.  This would be my first
example of how word of mouth, especially on a small island like Oahu, can be quite beneficial for finding people
to work with and future collaborations.  I contacted a friend and make up artist of mine to join on the shoot and
the three of us brought together our ideas for the fashion shoot.  My husband and I had scouted out previously a
 spot in the hills of the Mount Tantalus loop that overlooks Honolulu.  Dhyana did Veronica’s make up while I did
 her hair and laid out the outfits between what the model and I had both brought.  What I really loved about this
 shoot  was working with Veronica in the beautiful Hawaiian backdrop.  Oahu has been really great to me and
one of its most beautiful gifts is having such diverse backdrops.  Quite a few male photographers only shoot on
the beach, however I have really enjoyed seeking out many varied locations which you will see in the
continuation of this series of looking back.

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2010 All Rights Reserved

The images featured in this post are from the photo shoots with Bonnie Rose Photography on Oahu, Hawaii.
Models: Karolina Caro, Phoebe P, and Veronica Smith.
Hair & Make up Artists: Dhyana Leung (of Face, Art, Beauty) and Bonnie Rose 


  1. wow, those are beautiful! let's just all move to maui right?! its the best!

    1. Yes. I definitely miss the hawaiian island life. <3

  2. You have such a cool blog and you are an awesome photographer!! Following you back :).

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliments and follow. <3


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