Kennet and Avon Canal

Across the pond in England our weekend has ended and we are left with wonderful memories to cherish.  Our 2013 has brought a renewed look on life as I look back through the last several years.  It has focused us onto the simpler things of life and to what is truly important.  Times can be tough and it seems these times there are many out there struggling to get through the month.  While there has been times when life was certainly easier, I would not  pass up how we spent our weekend.  

Saturday we slept in and enjoyed the extra hour underneath the covers.  I had been a little under the weather over the last few days and was enjoying the longer lie in.  However have tried to make it our thing that we go out on a country walk once a week.  Sometimes the weather is not as cooperative.  Despite the dense fog, or maybe because of the mysteriousness of it, I shrugged off the appeal to be a homebody and got the family ready to go after breakfast.  With our warm coats and wellies (rain boots) my husband led us to a new direction we had not ventured yet towards Bathampton.  

It was there that we ran into the Kennet and Avon Canal.  The two stretches of river were made navigable for passage in the early 18th century but was only restored and reopened in 1990.  It is surrounded in heritage and now a tourist destination for travelers and locals a like who partake in boating, canoeing, fishing, walking and cycling.  

The Peter John Wells art trail on the Kennet and Avon Canal was one of those things we did not plan on seeing but that made it a really fun experience for my kids.  Along the Canal the kids could spot and point out the different sculptures of art like the 'ifish' and the 'mishell'.  

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 I had originally taken this photograph because I remember watching a show when I was a little girl in England about puppets came to life and lived on a canal boat like this one.  When we passed back this way on our walk I realized it is a cafe where you can sit on the boat or alongside it and enjoy a nice cup of tea.  Besides bringing a picnic lunch with you there are not really any other advantages for refreshments   Though we did not try it out ourselves, it did look quite popular later in the afternoon.

We started technically from our house in Batheaston and made our way to Bathampton.  We then walked along the canal all the way to the Dundas Aqueduct.  We did take a longer time walking out there with enjoying the moment, taking photos, and talking about all the things we saw along our walk. We did not even look at the time until we got to the Aqueduct to find out just how far we had walked.  In all by the time we got home we had been out for five hours and had walked roughly ten miles.  I was quite surprised my sons had managed it, but it was all about the fun experience. For something where the cost is 'free' it became even that more priceless for us as a family.  These moments together outside exploring our home in England are the most precious to us. 

We also found it fun to count the canal boats and I believe we counted a rough number of 120, give or take a few.  Sometimes it can be a little rough counting them all when you are having fun talking with your family along the way.  Some of the canal boats were parked in their designated spaces and others we could see going up and down the canals.   

It was really fascinating to see the bridges move when needed for the canal boats to pass between one side and the other.  On this bridge you can see a few bicycles parked.  Between the runners and the cyclists, both hobbies were quite popular this Saturday afternoon.  Though we do not own bicycles I have read online that you can rent them for the day.  Check out the Canal Vistior Centre  about the Bath & Dundas Canal Co who has a range of bicycles for adults and children alike as well as other cycling accessories for a perfect day out.  The paths are nice and if you can tell from the photographs the views are beautiful and serene. 

View from a bridge looking down on the canal.  
Side sneak view of the Dundas Aqueduct as you round the corner of the canal. 
My family walking on top of the Dundas Aqueduct to see the beautiful views down below.
The beautiful views down below. :) 
We saw two swans swimming on the canal together, enjoying what must have been a romantic afternoon.
Would love to have my own canal boat for a weekend getaway. 
Probably one of my favourite photographs taken on our walk. 

 Sometimes the most fun experiences are the free ones and this was another wonderful family outing to add to our memory books.  It was nice seeing the boys having so much fun while holding the hand of my husband and walking along the Canal.  England is truly a spectacular place to live and I could not imagine not having this as our 'backyard'.  I definitely recommend checking out the Kennet and Avon Canal on your next visit to Bath.


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    1. Oh yes we were quite surprised to see how long we had been out. I suppose time really does fly by when you are having fun.

      Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

    2. When I wished you a great weekend, I had no idea how great it would be!

  2. What a lovely place.
    Nice family bonding you got there.

    1. Thank you Ann, I definitely recommend Bath, England as a lovely place to visit. xx

  3. what a fun day together! love the pictures too!

    1. Thank you Katie, it was such a fun day! xx

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    1. It is so beautiful, especially when the sun is out. xx

  5. So lovely! We have been wanting to actually hire one of those boats, but just walking along the canals would be as nice!

  6. Oh agreed! While we were walking along the canal I was thinking about how nice it wold be to rent one for our 10th Anniversary this summer. Lots of options for exploring the Canals. xx

  7. super informative piece about the kennet and avon. I came across it trying to research my own piece on this beautiful route but don't worry i didn't nick all your text!

  8. What a lovely walk. I would love to own a canal boat, too! Thanks to linking up at the Culture Swapper!

  9. lilo stitch storage tankWhat a lovely walk. I would love to own a canal boat, too! Thanks to linking up at the Culture Swapper!


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