Mothers Day (USA)

It is Mother's Day in the ol' US of A, but since we already celebrated this holiday here in the UK I did not make it a big deal with my boys. Besides is not every day mothers' day? ;)

My family experienced the Luminarium today in Lindfield. Bonnie Rose © 2012 All Rights Reserved 
To celebrate Maddox Charles Aherin's last day as a four year old we went to the Levity III Luminarium at Lindfield's Art Festival after church. It was truly a spectacular activity to experience as a family. The boys got to take a hula hoop class from some pretty hippy girls with their 'High Hoops' troope and taste some Gluten Free cupcakes. Plus we bought the book in which Ronan's poem was published. Family Days are certainly Fun Days in life.

Bonnie at the luminarium

My mum with my friend Bethany and my sister Zoƫ in Malibu, California.
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At Linfield Art festival with my boys. Ronan had his poem published in a book, so we are here to find and purchase a copy.

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