Shaved Head

I already shaved the side of my head myself.  This was for one of the things to do before I turn 30 this year.  Being such a big milestone marker in birthdays I want to do a bunch of things I have not done yet or would like to accomplish before November 24th rolls around.  I love the shaved side of my head because I can show it off or keep it hidden.  But I really wanted to do something more fun with it.  So after being a hair model for my coworker Claire at the Brighton salon, I popped into a barber shop by the rail station.  I asked for a star design that I had seen online and got a great end result.  It was so much fun to show off as I waited for my train.  I have to admit that hanging out at the barber shop with a bunch of guys is very refreshing from working in a salon with mostly females every day.  I think I will go back once this design grows out.
The barber shop waiting to get my head shaved. 

Waiting for my train with my new look. 

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