Candy Canes in London before headed back home on the train. 
Yesterday my partner and I took my boys to London for the day and I posted photos from when we played in the leaves.  Here are the rest of the photos from our adventure out in London to experience the Christmas atmosphere.  We started at the German Christmas market where we enjoyed hot cocoa that tasted like melted chocolate bars, ate yummy goulash soup from a bread bowl, and got to sample one of my favourites, German Rittersport chocolate. The boys were read for a lot of photo ops and so this blog post is quite picture heavy.  I ended with our time at Hamey's, the toy store in London and some of the beautiful Christmas lights seen around town.  I hope you enjoy, as we had a lot of fun together in London. 

Merry Elfmas from Ronan & Maddox

Ronan and Maddox in the Winter Wonderland, the German Christmas market

The Moose that sings and talks!

My three men!

Love all the Christmas ornaments and crafts. Especially the Owls and Moose.

 Gluhwein anyone?

The Hot Cocoa tasted like melted chocolate bars. 

Maddox loved all the animal puppets. Here he is begging for one, "Puhlease!"

Walking down the street of the German Christmas market in London

Potato Pancakes? Yes please!

Ronan and Maddox with the Ringing Father Christmas

Ronan and Maddox with the skiing Father Christmas

Ronan and Maddox with the Nutcracker

Maddox with his German chocolate

Ronan and Maddox with the Snowman

Ronan and Maddox with the snowman familia

Maddox with Father Christmas

Ronan with Father Christmas

Mummy giving a Shaka with Father Christmas! Aloha! Mele Kalikimaka

Hard Rock Cafe has their tree up

The Ritz

The main shopping street where Hamey's is located.

Boys playing with fake snow at the Hamey's toy store

Ronan and Maddox really enjoyed all the Harry Potter items at Hamey's Toy Store
These airbrush pens at Hamey's Toy Store really won the boys over. They both love crafts and art. 

Ronan and Maddox each got a complimentary blow up ball.  They thought it was magic! 
My favourite store!

My favourite window of Tiffany's

London at Night

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