Advent Calendars

I have put off buying advent calendars for the boys since October.  That is when I saw them appearing in the stores and every time we saw them the boys would ask to buy one.  Christmas just seemed so far off.  Then December arrived and I found myself rushing off to the store on my lunch break at work, hoping they still had some in stock.   They had a whole variety of advent calendars but I decided to go with Cadbury since I knew the chocolate tastes the best.  The boys were quite excited about having their calendars and have enjoyed getting to find their daily chocolate thus far.  I might have to buy a box of Roses for Ryan and I to share ever day. But how do you eat just one? Might be time to start making a lot of hot chocolate.  What are things you like to eat or drink to stay warm in this time of the year?
The boys with their sausages in a baguette for a walk home treat from school. 

Maddox with his Cadbury Advent calendar

Ronan with his Cadbury Advent calendar

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